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About Us

CY Uniform (M) Sdn Bhd is a private limited company that was founded in 2008. Our strength lies in manufacturing and selling bulk work uniforms that are made in Malaysia. We provide custom-made design uniform services at CY Uniform. We are a supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of custom-made corporate uniforms, work wears, and custom-made worker jackets, overall jackets, lab coats, and vests This makes them look less well-kept, ruining the good image of a company.

Our company uses comb cotton which is a quick-to-dry material for uniforms. It allows the skin to breathe thus making the wearer more comfortable. On top of comfort, the wearer will also look smart, well-kept, and cool. As for the worker jacket, we use a cotton drill, a high-quality material that further improves the jacket's durability in most situations.


We proudly introduce a new line of batik-patterned uniforms to enrich our services. Through this new service, customers will be able to add a touch of elegance to their ready-made uniforms with batik patterns, to ensure that customers have a huge selection to choose from.


Part of CY Uniform's future plan is to have 100% fabric control. This means we aim to produce all fabric ourselves and cut down intake from retailers, which will completely ensure a material production of the highest quality. This vision is a result of the company's love for innovation. Constant innovation enables us to always improve our products' quality. As a result, our customers get the best value for money from us.

ur company has also hired a group of specialists for quality control. We have created solid branding surrounding our design. With knowledge of these features, customers will be able to identify our real designs from the fake ones outside.


Our company also has sufficient ready stock, to quickly serve customers that are in urgent need.


On top of all these, we also provide digital embroidery and silk screen printing services. All these great services are the collective hard work of everyone from the company. Working closely together like a family, it is our objective to bring only the best to our customers.

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