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7 things to consider when choosing a uniform?

When come to choose the right and suitable uniform what should we consider?

Maintaining a Professional Look

A professional look is an image that promote your company branding and business. Dressing your employees professionally is essential as you want your clients or customers to take the employees seriously.

Example like waiters and waitress, their neat uniforms look elegant and formal that fit with the hospitality environment. Similarly, like nurses and teachers, wearing uniforms represent an authoritative image while being in control and care. It is also the reason that a uniform must be able to portray the right image to the public.

The Right Fabric

Depending on the season and working environment, choosing the right fabric is equally important. Indoor employee will be suitable to choose fabric that is comfortable, breathable, and flexible if moving around for hours. Whereas the outdoor employee will need durable and protective materials and usually offer protection against weather conditions.


Safety is important. Ensuring company uniforms also adhere to the relevant safety standard. For a certain construction company, uniforms also required to meet the ISO standard to safeguard their employee working on the site. Other safety features like flame retardant, it is suitable clothing for the kitchen staff.


A uniform can as comfortable while looking great. If employees will be moving around tight clothing will not be suitable as it will restrict the movement and be uncomfortable.


Choosing the Colors Always choose the right colors and fabrics for your employees’ uniforms. If writing with your brand image, you can go for bright and bold colors that will definitely attract attention. However, keep in mind that the style and the design you choose should fit in perfectly with the industry you are in. You won't want to be served a meal in an upmarket hotel by a staff member wearing a bright yellow blazer, would you? The color you choose should not only fit your industry, but also your overall brand image.

Try to find the perfect accommodation, especially if you want to mix and match specific colors. This is also important when you want to have your uniforms customized for specific employees.


Your purchase is always important when it comes to purchasing new clothing. It's best to have your employees working in clothing items that fit them perfectly, are comfortable, and functional. If company uniforms will change from time to time, it is best to divide into groups and not buy at a time.

Company Branding

Uniform is also a company branding as company logo is on the employee’s uniform. The logo can be on the chest pocket and can be embedded in all the different clothing items such as jacket and safety vest. Planning your employee work uniforms is important because it is to show professionalism and improve their self-esteem. Your clients or customers will also instantly recognise your employees with the uniforms you been created.

With all the point in mind, now you can easily choose the right uniform for your team and ensure comfortability while looking professional.

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